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Russian goodies - what you need to try in Russia

For many people (including me) one of the most important things to check in country we're visiting is food and drinks. Here is a short list of things that u need to try in Russia, inspired by my first visit there (with time probably i will be updating this list, if something new will appear, and i bet it will):

1. Pelmeni - Russian kind of dumplings with minced pork-beef meat inside. Dish came from Syberia, can be served in clear chicken soup or with some sauce, cheese, as u prefer. Very simple but delicious! Try it in restaurant (cheaper version is frozen one, of course a bit worse than from restaurant, but also very tasty).

2. Bliny - Russian pancakes made from milk, eggs, flour, water and a bit salt. You can fill them with anything you want: jam, mushrooms, cabbage and meat, cheese and wrap, or just put some sour cream on it and eat like this (classic Russian style).

3. Aladia (olady) - another type of pancakes but little ones and mostly sweet. Russians like to eat them with condensed milk.

4. Borodinsky bread - for people who like brown bread. Tastes sweet and smells with coriander, so delicious that can be eaten without anything. Available in any shops and supermarkets.

5. Suchariki - salty snack from little pieces of dry bread with spices. Different flavours. Very popular and available in shops, cheap and healthier than chips.

6. Fried almonds - not really sure if its Russian snack, but I first time tried them in Russia. Awesome taste but also awesome calories amount :-)

7. Tulskij honeycake - very delicious and aromatic gingerbread, filled with fruit jam or condensed milk. In shops available normal version, more elegant u can get from sellers near Kreml (different shapes and colors, very nice for gift). Really amazing and addictive taste!

8. During your trip to Russia you must visit Russian fast-food Kroszka Kartoszka, where they serve big baked potato with different fillings to choose. Cheap and tasty place, you going out full :-)

9. Kvas - very popular drink in Russia, made from dark bread. Excellent for hot weather, very refreshing, with specific taste that u need to get used to. Selling in shops and supermarkets, also on streets in plastic cups, ready to drink.

10. Tarhun - Georgian drink popular in Russia, made from tarragon. Very sweet, weird and specific in taste.

Tulskiy honeycake, version normal and gift one with name:



Bliny with caviar:

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