poniedziałek, 28 lipca 2014

A short introduction for my English-speaking readers

Welcome everybody to my Polish-Russian blog. I'm very happy that u paid attention and decided to visit my site. I hope u will enjoy and come back here more often, i'm gonna post something in english from time to time - something about Poland and about Russia, what can be interesting for you, if u want to find out more about those two cultures and people who create it.

I apologise for any grammar mistakes i make :-) I learned language by myself, if not count lessons in school, which are very, very impractical. I'm using English for everyday to communicate, and as far as people understand me i'm happy, but also trying to get better in the points that are still weak.

So, where the idea for blog came from? Mostly because i always wanted to write something, but never could find any subject that will seduce me and let my art soul realise itself :-) Inspiration came with my first visit to Russia, with everything what i experienced and saw there, with best holidays in my life. Actually all started earlier, from the moment i met someone who totally changed my life... But its not blog about love :-) At least not for now!

I will try to pick the most interesting and usefull subjects for you. For sure u will read about culture, people, national cuisine (also recipes) drinks... and everything what will come to my mind. I also pretty much care about some nice pictures from my trips, I hope this element will make your visits here even more pleasant. My posts will not be so long as Polish ones (i have tendency to digressions, so everything is possible), but maybe its better, because we rather prefer to read short posts :-)

Once again thanks for visit and check me from time to time, maybe u will find some inspiration in my Polish-Russian world! See you soon!

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