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Dacha - a dream of every Russian

Today I will tell you something connected with Russian style of spending free time, holidays and weekends. Russians very much love nature, so if only they have opportunity to run away from big city, they are doing it. And here comes the topic of dacha.

Phenomen of dacha is something very characteristic for this country. What is dacha? It's a little house outside the city, mostly in some village or even more wild territories. Not everybody can have it, but everybody wants to have one, its element of luxury and good economical situation. In old times people were building dachas by themselves and from materials they were able to get. Nowadays many people buy those old houses and make general maintenance with the help of qualified workers or just buy piece of field and build everything from zero. Such little house is a place where family meets during holidays, celebrations, weekends, spending time together, getting rest. Family life is one of top priorites (i would say its on 1st place) for Russians, dacha makes it possible to be in constant real contact with either close and far members of family.

Dachas have different standart, depends on people who keep it. Some of them are very simple, basic, just for spending there time in the warmest months of summer. Others have everything, not only most needed things like running water, toilet, bathroom, but also sauna (or Russian bania), jacuzzi, gym - to spend there time during whole year. Also dachas districts have different reputation, some of them are for really rich people, its hard to find something for sale there, and if something appears, its very expensive.

Many people is running away from big city, for example Moscow, to dacha every friday. Even big traffic and long time spent in car (way which normally takes 1h on friday/sunday evening takes up to 5h) don't make them stop this habit, they seem to ignore all that bad sides, because the goal is worth it.

Amount of magazines about dachas on Russian newspapers market says how important this topic is. There are many different magazines, such as "Our Dacha", "Your Beautifull Dacha", "My Lovely Dacha", where is all about keeping that little house in good statement and improving it to be more modern, with all goods inside. Dacha is a hobby, people can be crazy about it, like about car, pet... In many cases they care about it more than about their city flats.

The perspective of upcoming friday and another visit to dacha makes the working week more easy and pleasant. Monday... tuesday... wednesday... thursday... dacha! Lucky those, who have it :-)

One of dachas district in Moscow region with Moscow river flowing near:

Photo: V.V.V.

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